A waffal a day keeps Googlebot at play.

If you manage your own website or blog, you need to waffal. If you market goods or services online, you need to waffal. If you are an SEO professional, you need to waffal.

Waffal is the single greatest tool anyone can use to boost the organic traffic, search ranking potential, and social network exposure of any website, blog, good, service, or brand. We mean it. There isn’t anything else better out there.

If you have any experience marketing online, you have no doubt tried your hand at SEO and been a bit frustrated. Have you ever noticed that top sites like Amazon, Expedia, Ebay, etc. rank on Google’s first page for search terms that aren’t even on their pages and they obviously are not “optimized” for? What gives?

You work your tail end off optimizing your stuff. You follow all the rules and build quality back links. You do everything in your power to get a little search engine love and BAM! Major sites dominate your terms without even trying to optimize their pages.

Do you know why?

Because major websites have a tool working for them that is normally only reserved for the “richest” and most “well-connected” sites online. Something very far out of reach, or unaffordable to the average website manager. Until now.

You really need to waffal!
A waffal a day keeps Googlebot at play.

Regards Rex.



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